We are good at making a short story long!

For anyone who hasn't had an encounter with my sister Jenna or myself, you will have been spared a lengthened short story of us and our business. So here is the potted version just for you.

When you come from a small island community you are very aware of your roots. Having completed our Art School degrees both Jenna and I felt a strong pull to return home to Westray to live.

This we both did.

We knew that we wanted to use the degrees we had acquired (it had taken long enough!) and eventually we decided the best way for us to live and work here was to start our own business.

It shouldn't matter where you live as long as you are determined enough you can find a way to make things work

In October 1998, Hume Sweet Hume was launched. I’m sure our Dad (who died in the July of that year) would have been amazed as he was constantly saying ….‘stop speaking about it and get on with it!’ So eventually we did!!!!

We began by designing and knitting interior accessories such as cushions and throws, however eventually our cushions began to grow straps and now we make bags, scarves, hats and garments as well.

Initially the business hub was my home. The kitchen table supported two knitting machines, a sewing machine and an overlocker. (Sunday lunch was occasionally served on top of the pedal bin!) The hallway was insulated with cushion pads and cones of yarn, it was
a good excuse not to hoover.

Fortunately for me, and my long suffering but tolerant family, we moved to our new premises in the spring. This building, owned by our Mother and still known locally as the ‘chippy’, is situated in Pierowall Village and here we made our Hume Sweet Hume nest.

As you browse through our web site, we hope that you will enjoy the small collections of pictures, images and objects that contribute to our designs and colour stories. These snippets have been collected from childhood to present day. The scrap book sections reflect; family, community, land, sea, sky and objects found, given and received. These form an integral part of our inspiration.

Hopefully this will help you understand where we are coming from.

Our products are all made with natural
fibres. Lambswool and silk blends are
sourced in the Scottish Borders but
the luxury yarns, such as mohair,
are imported from Italy.

Sourcing the yarn is a tiresome
job but someone has to do it!
So I get the occasional trip to
Florence, Italy. This is essential in
order to keep up with the trends and
colour forecasting, at least that’s what I
tell Jenna. Seriously though Pitti Filati (yarn
show in Florence) is always inspirational and enables me to see and source what’s new in the market place then return home and apply it in our own particular style.

So we buy in all our yarns, but we then design and knit
the fabrics which are hand finished into the various
products you will see in the catalogue. We are extremely lucky to have a talented band of workers who help make this possible and we owe much to their support, commitment and tolerance!

...we live in our own little world, but it's o.k. they know us here!

Our workshop is situated to the back of our
premises and our shop overlooks Pierowall Bay,
all a stone’s throw from the beach.
If you enjoy what you see in our catalogue we hope
you will be able to visit us here in Westray where
you will be able to browse at your leisure and view
a more extensive range of our products.

We do hope to see you soon.Lizza hume